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Montecarlo: "l'arte è a casa mia!", Living n. 4 April 2018

Living n.4 special edition Salone del mobile di Milano. Stunning restoration in Montecarlo of Nicoletta Fiorucci's apartment, enterpreneur and patron of art. STUDIOSILICE realized handmade glass coating inspired by Gio Ponti design, project by architect Annarita Aversa with Architetti Artigiani Anonimi.



Meet Anna: Glass Artist from the sea, March 2018

Chiara's Tuscany - Travel Blog

Meet Anna: glass artist. She was born by the sea, and I believe her inspiration may come from there: The colors that from blue fade into the most disparate shades of green and the transparency of the sea.

Weniger ist Meer - AD Germany, April 2017

Special Architectural Digest Edition on Italy: form Como to Amalfi. Stunning Villa on the Amalfi coast renewed by architect and owner Annarita Aversa. STUDIOSILICE has contributed to the exquisite home decoration creating unique glass lamps (Nude Collection), glass Tiles for the bathrooms and glass frames for the outdoor patio.



Looking for Glass in Rome? Forget Murano—Head to Monti

Revealed Rome - Travel Blog by Amanda Ruggeri

"You don't need to head to Murano for handcrafted glass in Italy. When in Rome, just make your way to Monti—and to Anna Preziosi's studio."


Rome’s Hottest ‘Hood (Hint: It’s Not Vatican City) - Traveller National Geographic

Two millennia ago, gladiators, prostitutes, and politicians—Julius Caesar, for one—rubbed shoulders in Monti, Rome, a red-light district adjacent to the Forum and Colosseum.

Today Monti is again red hot. In this zone where something new is always opening, Italians gather for animated conversations outside overflowing wine bars, and young women in stilettos pick their way through cobblestoned streets.



Rome has long been a city of artists and workshops. In the hip district of Monti, young female artisans are taking some of the oldest trades – like mosaics, glass, jewellery design and candle-making – and creating something new. Story by Isobel Lee, photos by Susan Wright


ECCELLENZE ROMANE - Camera di commercio di Roma

Founded in 2001 by Anna Preziosi, “Studio Silice” artisan workshop is located in Rome on Via Urbana. It operates in the creation of unique glass objects, made and assembled according to traditional artisan techniques or by means of experimental, innovative processes.